How long will casks last for unopened?

The casks have a best before date displayed on them. But best to get on and enjoy it!

How long will the cask last once tapped?

Once tapped and vented, the beer should remain in good condition for approximately a week if kept around 10 to 12C.

How should I store the cask?

The cask should be stored securely on its side and not moved in order that the sediment falls into the belly of the cask.

How do I tap the cask?

You can find detailed instructions on how to go about tapping the cask here.

How do I return empty casks?

We will come to collect it within 2 to 3 weeks but please feel free to email us when it is ready to pick up!

Do you accept returns?

Please make sure you want the beer and follow the instructions. No returns can be accepted once the beer is tapped.

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